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DAZ 3d Studio 4.5 Tips and Tricks – Content Management Service

The Content Management Service is a brilliant idea from DAZ. When it works correctly. I have had it crash on me numerous times. making me have to rebuild everything from scratch.

The issue seems to occur during the process of Categorizing products. To avoid problems NEVER, NEVER, NEVER create a new Category when/with the “Select a Parent Category” window. This is an option but it seems to crash my DAZ Studio 4 program and knock the Content Management Service out of service (sometimes) in the least and permanently damage it in the worst. This is only for categorizing a Runtime folder/Subfolder.

For example…Last time around I did the usual, right click on a newly imported Runtime, choose create category from, choose the level of folder categorization (this folder only…) and the “select a parent folder” box opens up. Now you CAN create a subcategory folder from this window, it is an option. But when i do this my DAZ Studio 4 crashes and the Content Management Service becomes corrupted. Last time I created a folder through this method my CMS stopped recognizing any files inside of newly categorized folders.

I tried the stop, start CMS trick but it didn’t work this time. I uninstalled and reinstalled DAZ Studio 4 and the CMS but that didn’t fix the problem. CMS was running but not recognizing files inside categorized folders. So I had to go to a hidden file in my Windows Program, erase the Content Management Folder (to reset it, since uninstalling does not eliminate this folder). Uninstall DAZ and CMS then reinstall. Yes, it wiped out all my CMS settings, again. But this is when I realized this problem always came after creating a folder via the “Choose a Parent Folder” pop up menu.

Only Create a New Folder (Parent or Subfolder) via the Categories selection. I think this will eliminate the CSM from not working anymore.

If you need to reset your CMS here are a few good forum posts at DAZ.

Content Management Server.exe – http://www.daz3d.com/forums/viewthread/7454/

Starting and Stopping the DAZ3d Content Sanagement Service – http://www.daz3d.com/forums/viewthread/1810/

The CSM is becoming more important and is now integrated in the new Carrara program. I hope they fix this little bug soon.


DAZ 3d Studio 4.5 tips and tricks 1 – Affinity

Anytime you render in a 3D program it will take up ALL of your computers resources. My 7 core 17 computer kicks in the fans instantly after hitting render. One trick I learned is to change the affinity of Daz Studio 4.5.

Every time I open Studio I then open Task manager (Ctrl+Alt+Delete), open the processes tab, find DAZStudio.exe, right click on it, open the “set affinity” which pops open the list of your processors cores. I usually chose 4 or 5 of my 7 cores to run with Daz Studio at any one time.

It probably slows down my render times but I can do other things on my computer as well as not maxing out all my computer power at one time. I don’t think it is healthy for my computer to be running at full bore for hours at a time while rendering an image. Or even when you are test rendering to be stopping and going a hundred times. Daz Studio 4.x will each all of your computer resources. Control this by changing the affinity.