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Daz 3D Studio 4.5 – Installing Content – My Library

I have been putting off the final chapter of installing content into Daz studio 4.5 because it is a little messy. At some point you are going to have to decide whether to keep filling the Poser runtime directory or adding content to the Daz “My Library” folder. There are numerous reasons why this is happening.

Studio 3 has a “Content” folder where the DAZ Studio specific folders are located. With DAZ Studio 4 this was changed to be called “My Library”. Not sure why but it happened. So older content installers from DAZ will extract a content folder as the top folder. The folders inside are the same as what is in “My Library”. So you have to take them out and put them into “My Library”. More on that later.

Daz reads bump, specular and displacement maps differently than Poser. I read the specifics in another tutorial and will have to look to find the details. But when you visit a product description page you want to see if there are Daz Studio specific material setting files. In earlier (pre-Genesis era) installers there were 2 methods of reading DAZ studio specific files.

At one time DAZ used files with the extension of .DS and DSA. These files are ascii files and are inserted into the poser “Pose” folder. You know this file is in the folder by the little scroll on the top left of a files PNG (As seen below). This indicates there are DAZ specific material/shader scripts. You had DAZ specific material/shader files contained in the same poser folder.

Then the DAZ Studio 3  “Content” folder occurred and there were different installers for Poser and DAZ Studio content. You can tell these file by looking at the installer.
A typical installer will have the nomenclature of : 600_Name of Product_version number_dpc. The dpc means the files are compatible with DAZ-Poser-Carrara. If you see a file that has just the letters “ds” then that is a DAZ Studio specific installer. Now there are no absolutes in DAZ world but this is usually the content you install into the Content/My Library folder. It contains DAZ Studio specific files that Poser can’t read.

At one time the “ds” installer only held D/S (Daz Studio) specific files without the Textures (This is now different, I call the new installers POST Genesis installer). So you still had to run the “dpc” folder to retrieve the textures and move them into the Conten/My Library Runtime folder. Fast forward to current installers and the “ds” version now installs all of the textures and DAZ specific files into My Library.

I hope I explained the dilemma involved in installing content that DAZ Studio 4 can read. The problem in a nutshell. You once had a runtime that both Poser and Studio would read and have program specific scrips for the materials/shaders. Pure genius in my mind. Simple.

You also have a DAZ Studio folder system That is different and separate from your Poser runtime. If you use the DAZ Studio files which are specific material/shader instructions they only read from the texture library in the My Library Runtime folder. Or you can use the poser cr2, pz2 files and make adjustment in the surface tab. But there is another wrinkle that DAZ hopes will cure all these ills.The DAZ solution. METADATA files.

Files now come with metadata. Sometimes it is included with the initial ‘ds’ installer and sometimes it is a separate installer. But DAZ Studio 4.5 will automatically recognize where the file was installed, inside or outside of the “My Library” folder and list it in the Content Tab under —> Daz Studio Formats —> My Library. Underneath My Library you will see a list of new products installed outside of the My Library folder system as long as it has METADATA. Older products don’t usually have MD but it can easily be created. But even this does not always work.  I have had folders that list there but show no content.

Some different scenarios you may encounter.

Without Metadata the procedure is this…  run the ‘ds’ installer into my unpack folder. I see it unrolls a folder named Content. Inside of this folder are two folders named people and data (results may vary. There may be more, different or less folders). I run the ‘dpc installer and this unpacks a runtime folder with the usual folders inside that Studio-Poser-Carrara can read. The traditional Poser Runtime format (flawed as it is).

This is where you have to make a decision. If you have material/texture instructions in the Content/My Library folder then you should use these files. Copy them into your D/S folder structure. then copy the texture folder and put that in the Runtime folder. Simple right.

Now there are DAZ files that are no brainers to install directly into the My Library” folder. Those are shaders and lights. These are usually always DAZ studio specific. I usually always include an unistaller when upacking these products because they WILL change as newer versions of D/S are released.

Another situation I just encountered is running a product outside of my D/S runtime. Unpack the metaata. The product was recognized and listed on the Content Tab but no files showed up. So I ran the “dpc” installer. Inside there were those ‘ds” ascii script files that add the scroll to the tile icon (mentioned above). I added the poser runtime and categorized it. Actually, everything is “Categorized. I run everything from the Categories menu in the Content Tab. Visit this page if you use the Content Management Service.

Onward and upward. The My Library file system is rather self explanatory. Shaders are in the shaders folder, Lights in lights folder. They point to the runtime folder if textures are required. In essence, you can change any of these files around. Sometimes an author will name a folder something else. It may be a shader but he named the root folder shaders adding a new folder. You can take the shader files out of that mislabeled folder and stick them into the original shader folder. Dreamlight seems to Always self promote by make a separate folder which gets aded to your D/d My Library. I just move this around to the appropriate folder.

Same with the people folder. You can arrange files inside of the folder to suit your needs. Even rename them. They are pointing to other folder that have structure that CAN’T be changed. The texture folder is one as well as the data folder.

This page may change over time as I reread it, think of other things or DAZ makes new changes. If you have questions please drop me a comment. I hoped this helped you understand the dynamics of installing content into the DAZ Studio 3, 4, 4.5 or any future incarnation Content/My Library runtime system. Remember,unpack-install those files into a separate folder before committing them to your runtime file structure.


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