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DAZ 3d Studio 4.5 tips and tricks 1 – Affinity

Anytime you render in a 3D program it will take up ALL of your computers resources. My 7 core 17 computer kicks in the fans instantly after hitting render. One trick I learned is to change the affinity of Daz Studio 4.5.

Every time I open Studio I then open Task manager (Ctrl+Alt+Delete), open the processes tab, find DAZStudio.exe, right click on it, open the “set affinity” which pops open the list of your processors cores. I usually chose 4 or 5 of my 7 cores to run with Daz Studio at any one time.

It probably slows down my render times but I can do other things on my computer as well as not maxing out all my computer power at one time. I don’t think it is healthy for my computer to be running at full bore for hours at a time while rendering an image. Or even when you are test rendering to be stopping and going a hundred times. Daz Studio 4.x will each all of your computer resources. Control this by changing the affinity.


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