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DAZ 3d Studio 4.5 – Content Management – Runtime 2

Daz3D Studio 4.5 – Installing content – Runtime 2

This is the second post in installing content in your Daz Studio 4 Runtime. I suggested having a separate folder to install content into then cut all the files into your Daz My Library.

I rarely allow the Daz installer to create an uninstaller. This might not make Daz very happy but I do not want a huge uninstall list in my start menu. If I need to uninstall a product I run it again with the uninstaller being created then uninstall it. the products that I do install directly into my Daz My Library folder would be lights and Shaders. I will go into these things more directly when I talk about Daz Studio 3/4 Content/My Library Folder.

I will admit I am very organized with my Runtime folder. I have a Poser folder on my computer. Most suggestions I have seen would say separate these into content subjects. So you would have a clothing runtime folder. A character runtime folder and so on. You can create as many different folders and make category separations these as minutely as you want. But in the end, this method was too messy for me. I was always searching inside of those individual Runtime folders for too long.

My Method. I keep almost EVERY product in a separate Runtime folder. I rarely ever mix different products.


Inside My Poser Runtime Folder

For example. I have a folder called clothes in my poser runtime folder. This is separated into more specific categories such as full outfits, bathing, leather and latex, etc. In each of these folders is each product as an individual folder with the runtime inside. So I will have Leather Suit 1 in a folder and Latex Suit 2 in another folder. I will load each one of those folders as an individual Runtime into Studio 4.x.

Inside my Clothes Folder

Inside my Leather Latex Folder. Each product is a separate Runtime.

I have tried the other methods of organization and they always seemed very UNORGANIZED. I spent endless amounts of time clicking in folders hoping they matched up with the product. No more Shoe Runtime folders where I have to search for the MAT files. The only time I have to search for something with my method is when I want to remove a Runtime folder from my Poser Format list. If I want to uninstall something I only have to find it once in a list. The Poser Format List. Delete the runtime from that list and then delete the individual folder from my Poser Runtime folder. The old way of deleting something from a runtime (Renderosity products without uninstallers) was to look at all the folders. Geometry, Character, Pose, and Texture finding and erasing the products folders. Now the folder is self contained.

The ONLY reason I can organize my Content like this is because of the Daz Studio 4 Content Management Service. This ingenious addition keeps everything very well organized. So my content loading workflow is to install a product in a separate folder inside my Poser runtime folder. Add it to Daz Studio 4 by:

Right clicking on the Poser Format folder in the Content Library tab. Then click add a Runtime Directory. Choose the product folder you installed or unpacked. This will add the folder to the bottom of the list. I then right click on that folder, click create category from. This opens a pop up window which is your Content Management Service Categories folder. This is where the real organization come into play.

daz categories

A look at my Daz3d Studio4 Categories

For example, I have a clothing folder. Inside of this folder you can make as many subcategories as you like. Some of the best things about the Content Management is:

You can put anything you want in multiple folders. If a character has jewelry, you can have that jewelry in the characters folder and a more precise, jewelry folder. So you can make just one tile or multiple tiles in different folder categories. So an endless amount of categorizing is a good thing because I can control the tools.

Changing a folder or individual item categorization is as easy as drag and drop.

CAVAET – I am sure I am over doing this Runtime organization compared to other people. To me, each product is an artistic tool. A brush, a camera lens, a canvas. I don’t want to waste time always looking through my tools. I always want to know where my tools are at every moment. That is the way I create. I want my workflow to be smooth. I was a photographer for many years. When you post process thousands of photos a day you want a smooth workflow with as many shortcuts as possible but with the greatest results possible. The initial organization of my Runtime take a little more time but in the end I know exactly where everything is at a moments notice.

Part 3 The DAZ Content/My Library. Installing content into DAZ Studio 4.5.


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